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Crispy baked Polenta Fries

Incredibly delicious Polenta Fries baked to perfection with a crispy and crunchy outside and soft and creamy middle. The easiest side dish or appetizer, serve with a juicy steak or delicious dips for dunking!
Top Tip: If you love silky soft polenta as a side to
stews, roasts and sauces then you’ll want to use traditional polenta, not the
instant stuff, check out our 
creamy polenta recipe with step by step guide (it’s super easy).


Creamy Polenta (italian Corn Meal)


Creamy Polenta pretty important part of Italian cuisine especially in the north of Italy although nowadays it’s commonly found all over Italy (and sparks a few debates on how it should be cooked).


How to make silky soft Creamy Polenta from scratch. This super simple recipe is made with basic pantry ingredients and is the perfect side dish to roasted meats, vegetables and stews. 


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